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Find Your Zen


 Aki’mat yoga is a body–positive space.

All  classes are both accessible and inclusive.  Our classes promote self-care.

Our teaching style is Raja Yoga focusing on the 8 limbs of yoga.  Aki'mat provides  a practice that takes you off of the mat.

Ask yourself the following questions:  

Have you ever wanted to take yoga but let fear keep you from starting?  

Have you ever entered a class but felt uncomfortable? 

Have you entered a class but the moment the instructor called out a pose you said "WTF is that ? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you’ve found your tribe! 

You're welcome here!

Let’s begin your journey of self-discovery, self-care, self-love.

Let go of those things that no longer serve your soul.

Let’s begin the practice of loving yourself. 


click to view the schedule: https://app.ubindi.com/Tamika.Chambers


The Good Stuff


Q: Where are classes held? 

A:  All classes are virtual so you can practice in the safety of your own home. 

Q: Do you have a class schedule? 

A: Glad you asked, click here for the schedule:


Q: Are your classes beginner friendly? 

A:  All classes are beginner friendly,  all levels are welcome as well as all bodies. Classes are inclusive  and body positive.

click here for class description: https://app.ubindi.com/Tamika.Chambers 

Q:Do I need to be flexible to practice yoga? 

A:No, you do not! 

Q:What do I need to practice? 

A: An open mind ,any props you want to use to make your practice accessible for your body.
All props are welcome

Q:I have an injury is yoga safe for me?
A:While we encourage all student to listen to their bodies. It's  imperative that you seek medical advice from your physician before participating  in any activity.  

Q:Do you offer private  lessons  or  teach for events/parties? 

A:Please complete a contact us form and I will be in touch.

Cancellation & Refund Policies

Payments for class drop-in's or other class packages are non-refundable. * 

If you pre-register for a class and for whatever reason you cannot attend, we understand. We just ask you to please be mindful to cancel your registration at least 30 mins prior to the class start time.   

This allows for the following: 
1. Your pass for that class will not be deducted from your account and instead will remain available for use towards another class.
2. Those on the waitlist to be notified of space availability.  
(At this time there are only 20  spaces available PER class) 

If a class is canceled due to low registration or another reason, you will be notified by email.

If Aki'’mat must cancel a class before it starts, you will receive a class credit.

If you are not registered for a class, but want to drop In, please check our online schedule to ensure the class will be held. 

Class passes are non-transferable and non-sharable (including family members). 

We do not refund for a drop-Ins, or credit accounts for any of our promotion specials.
We do not extend the expiration dates for drop-ins or class pass packages.

purchase your pass here:



VIBE CHECK - 1 class only (this is a drop-in class) - $12

GOOD VIBES - 5 class pass - $45

GOOD VIBES ONLY - 10 class pass - $85

VIBES SO HIGH - 12 class pass - $125

Please click the link  below to review the class schedule and purchase your pass .



New classes have been added to the schedule.

Weekend warrior: Saturday 7:30 a.m. cst 

Pj's , Bonnett's & Bends
Sunday -6:30 a.m. cst.

Curves & swerves: Monday  evening

Slow flow (restorative)
Tuesday 7:p.m cst

You got this!
Thursday 7p.m. cst 


Yin Yoga

Podcast:Minutes with  Mik presents:Good Vibes Only  

Check  back for updates !

What We Do

Aki'mat Yoga promotes self-care & self -love.  By slowing down your movenment and focusing on your breath you can release so much tension even in a restorative pose.

In this space you decide your level of comfort because that's what being in your body really means.

We know every day is differnt which means some days showing up is enough.

That's why child's pose is important. 

We're laid back and we giggle on our mat's because laughter's also a form of yoga. 

We use the walls in our practice from time to time . 

We create community not clients. 



Meet The Owner


I’ve never claimed to be anyone I’m not allowing me to introduce myself! 

Hello my name is Tamika  Chambers, I’m a black woman, a mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, friend, poet , ordained minister, 200 hr RYT Anti-Racist Raja yoga instructor ,85 hr RPYT (Register Prenatal Yoga Teacher), Certified Yoga for All Instructor  and the owner of Aki'mat Yoga LLC. 

Side note:These are my titles not who I am.

Along my journey there have been many ups and downs. Trauma is actually the correct word.

From childhood trauma ruled my behavior until my path led me to yoga. Yoga changed the way I navigated the world showed me the world through a different lens. Yoga helped me transition from a victim into a survivor owning my shit.

Yoga provided me the space that was required to dig in deep and sit in the uncomfortable place’s of my truth. 

Yoga helped me find my authentic self  which birthed the power and purpose within me.

During that journey I battled with depression . I know exactly what it feels like to want to give up . I know exactly what it feels like not knowing your worth. I know the struggles of fighting negative thoughts. I know trauma.

Through that healing a space of restoration & freedom has been created  for you to be exactly who you are. Freedom to surrender what doesn’t serve you.

Freedom to sit with your shit.

Freedom to go inside and begin the process of letting go.

This is why Aki'mat yoga was created for those who need a place to feel included.  A yoga space that isn't focused on your flexiblity as much as your self care. 

I'm waiting for you to make the choice of caring for yourself today.

You can't pour into others what you haven't feed yourself .❤️

What Our Clients Say

"Tamika made my 1st yoga experience a great one! Loved her energy. Very knowledgeable and instructive."

S. Moten

Pittsburgh, PA

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